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With a gross vehicle weight of 4.1 tons, the Alphavan "4x4 ACTIVE LINE" allows a payload of up to 700kg. The newly created FlexPort with its dimensions of 225cm x 170cm x 131cm (almost 5,000 liters!) allows the storage of two Enduro bikes including equipment and tool cases. At the same time, the multi-award-winning living space in the front area of the Alphavan is not constraint as compared to the known Alphavan concept.

NOTE: We are not present in the USA and in Canada yet and unfortunately cannot sell the Alphavan within the USA or Canadian market. Hence, we currently only have the option to sell a vehicle here in Germany directly. 

The Alphavan 4x4 Premium Line is our iconic answer to travellers seeking a premium hotel room on wheels, progressive design and offroad capabilities paired with smart home controls.

The highly efficient and most powerful Diesel engine combined with the automatic 9 gear transmission, the most modern four-wheel drive 4MATIC, all available safety, driving assistance, comfort and Infotainment systems cater to all demands. In addition the lightweight design leads to a benchmark payload and drivability just like in a passenger car.

Model: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Vehicle Type: 419 CDI, panel van, L4, super high roof

Engine power: 190 PS

Transmission: 4 X 4, all-wheel drive, automatic 9 gear transmission

Wheelbase/Length: 4,325 mm / 7,367 mm

Gross vehicle weight: 4,100 kg

Vehicle weight ready to drive off (Diesel 90%, Fresh Water 20 Liters, incl. driver 75kg): from 3.350 kg

Of course we can also offer you a Rear-wheel Drive (RWD) version of the Alphavan with a gross Vehicle Weight of 3.5 tons. In case you require four official seats we will jointly evaluate possible options that can be chosen to achieve the weight if 3.5 tons.

Optional Extras (excluding any taxes, tolls or import costs)
Ansicht der Heckgarage des ALPHAVAN ACTIVE LINE mit einem eingestellten Enduro-Motorrad


The newly created FlexPort with its dimensions of 225cm x 170cm x 131cm (almost 5,000 liters!) allows the storage of two Enduro bikes including equipment and tool cases. At the same time, the multi-award-winning living space in the front area of the Alphavan is not constraint as compared to the known Alphavan concept.

  • 3 Airline rails on the flooe, 2 Airline rails on each side

  • Easily accessible campervan systems below and behind the refrigerator space

  • Sturdy and abrasion resistant floor

Ansicht der ausgefahrenen Premium Trittstufe im Alphavan

Premium Slide-Out Step - black

The special slide-out mechanism ensures that, when being slid in, the ground clearance is not impacted. The step surface features an ergonomic grip with a sophisticated black mat design.

  • Carrying capacity: 240 kg

  • Slide-out duration: 2 seconds

  • integrated obstacle detection (auto stop function)

  • Engineered for temperatures from -30°C to +80°C

  • Add-on weight: ~14 kg

Ansicht der Heckgarage im Alphavan mit zwei optionalen Fenstern zur Belüstung

Two additional Sidewindows FlexPort

Additional sidewindows in the FlexPort are perfectly suited to let in natural light and to create a cozy athmosphere. Coated aluminium frames ensure a light weight, optimal insulation and a first-class surface design and quality.

  • Multi-locking system protects the interior

  • Excellent insulation thanks to coated aluminium profiles

  • Duplex window glasses

  • Dark tinted acrylic windows

  • Add-on weight: ~6 kg

Ansicht des Armaturen-Brett mit Premium Sound System (Hoch- und Mitteltöner)

Premium Sound System by Jehnert Sound Design

Premium Sound Performance for your Alphavan containing a powerful amplifier and a subwoofer in the passenger seat box. Fully insulated door casing and additional audio inputs for TV and Bluetooth devices turn the Alphavan into a rolling sound lab.


  • Tweeter: 2x 26 mm Neodym-Softdome

  • Midrange speaker: 2 x 80 mm broadband speaker 

  • Lowrange speaker: 2x 165 mm JEHNERT »POWER WOOFER«

  • Output: 2x 80 / 160 Watt

  • Add-on weight: ~13 kg

Bild der Heckgarage mit Moskito-Portal (Fliegengitter) am Heck

Anti-Mosquito Gate FlexPort

High-end mosquito / fly net with zippers to allow peaceful sleeping with open rear doors. Protects the interior from tiresome bugs and flies. Ensures a sleeping comfort like in a tent - with the comfort of a premium hotel room.

  • Twofold textile gate with roll-up zippers

  • Premium support beams for a seamless vehicle installations

  • Add-on weight: ~10 kg

Starlink Dach Antenne Alphavan

Starlink Pre-Fitting

With the Starlink pre-fitting you will be able to install and fix your own Starlink dish on the roof of the Alphavan (above sliding rear door) and will be able to operate the Starlink router at the seating area. At boths places, specific connectors are provided to connect the router and dish with special Alphavan-specific cables.

  • Prefitting and routing of cables on Alphavan roof and at B-pillar

  • Special fixation of Starlink dish on Alphavan roof

  • Add-on weight: ~1kg

Bild der LTE, 4G, WiFi Antenne auf dem Dach des Alphavan

Mobile Office Package

Premium Cellular (4G-5G)-WiFi roof antenna with high-end router. Will enable an optimal cellular reception for your connected devices with your SIM card. Excellent WiFi reception inside and outside the Alphavan. Turns your Alphavan into a rolling office.

  • 2x LTE/5G/2xWiFi High Performance antenna

  • Router with SIM card slot, Ethernet port, WiFi access point, USB interface

  • Add-on weight: ~4kg

Ansicht der faltbaren Matratze für den FlexPort (Heckgarage) im Alphavan

Mattress FlexPort 170x200cm

Self carrying mattress custom-designed for an ideal solution to host two additional sleeping spaces in the Alphavan FlexPort. Integrated torsion bars ensure stability for the guests.

  • Original Goodside profiles / torsion bars

  • Hardness 10

  • Cover: Colorado 5 7 

  • Add-on weight: ~25 kg

Ansicht der Anhängekupplung mit Auftritt

Trailer hitch with integrated step

The trailer hitch with a fixed towing head enables the towing of loads up to a weight of 2,000kg, The option also includes the horizontal mounting bar and the necessary power socket / electrical towing connector. 

  • Towing load up to 2.0t

  • Integrated step 190 mm x 520 mm on the right-hand side

  • Add-on weight: ~22 kg

Bild eines 170 Wp Solar Panels, das auf dem Dach des Alphavans montiert wird

Additional roof mounted Solar Panel 170Wp

In order to harvest the optimal amount of solar energy we only use the best solar products on the Alphavan roof. The according cabling through the roof is absolutely water proof. This option is extending the self-sufficient operation of the Alphavan and is our recommended option.

  • High quality solar panel for maximum solar efficiency

  • Output peak: 170Wp

  • Daily output: 750Wh/day

Logo des ISOFIX Systems

ISOFIX - Fixation for Children Seats

Isofix ensures a fixed connection between the children seat and the vehicle.Isofix approved children seats have integrated Isofix connectors with two buckles that can be snapped into the vehicle's Isofix buckles.

  • Add-on weight: ~3 kg

Ansicht des Vorhangs im Alphavan, der zwischen Fahrerkabine und Wohnraum aufgespannt werden kann

Curtain Set Driver's Cabin (incl. zippers)

The curtain set allows you to quickly "close off" the driver's cabin from the living area in cases where you'd like to quickly park the car for the night and don't want to turn the seats. A centrally integrated zippers lets you easily roll up the curtain segments. 

  • Mounted on a curtain rail

  • Double faced textile curtain

  • Integrated magnets close the gaps to the entry area

  • Add-on weight: ~4 kg

Ansicht des Taschensystem mit FidLock Verschlüssen im Alphavan FlexPort

Alphavan Storage Bags FlexPort with innovative FidLock system

The innovative and fully collapsible bag measuring 60 cm x 40 cm x 39 cm (width x depth x height) transforms the FlexPort into a walk-in closet. The bags can be easily removed via FidLock magnetic closures, packed at home and then simply hung up again. Up to three bags per side possible in the FlexPort.

  • High-quality tarpaulin with reinforcement walls

  • High quality sealed zippers

  • Innovative fixing system with FidLock magnetic closures

  • Additional weight per bag (including fixation): approx. 4kg

Hochwertige Einzelsitze in der zweiten Sitzreihe

Slide-Out single seats in the rear

The innovative individual seats not only provide a great visual experience. The adjustment mechanism in the width (approx. 10cm) and in the direction of travel (approx. 10cm) optimizes the seating comfort. In addition, the seat contour ensures improved seating comfort.

  • Laterally adjustable / extendable

  • Recommended for frequent journeys with four people (seating comfort in the rear)

  • Additional weight: approx. 20kg

Schwerlast Auszug Alphavan

Heavy-payload Drawer System FlexPort

The elegant, black anodized heavy-duty drawer syste with an extension length of approx. 170 cm allows the FlexPort to be easily loaded, even from the outside. The extension can also be used while the foldable mattress is bridged.

  • Four Airline rails on the extension for safe and flexible fixation of parts and loads

  • Extension is mounted on the original Airline rails on the FlexPort rail

  • Additional weight: approx. 48kg

Selection surface design
Pure Line: Ansicht des Wohnraums

Soft mat white combined with warm grey

Soft Line: Ansicht des Wohnraums

Modern strctured wooden finish combined with warm grey

We are happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Thank you for your request - we will immediately take care of it!

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Included Extras

We are convinved that a premium campervan must both serve premium requirements in the carrier vehicle and in the campervan technology - the overall package needs to be right on. Whereas competitors try to attract customers with a low entry price of a very shallow equipped entry vehicle, we would like to empasize on premium configurations right from the beginning. 

Premium Line: Included Extras Campervan Equipment

We differentiate ourselfes from other by providing a very innovative layout and lightweight furniture. Together with the other campervan equipment this turns the Alphavan into a rolling hotel room.

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