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Logo des German Design Awards 2023 in GOLD
Gewinner Logo des Red Dot 2021 Best of the Best Design Awards
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Our Philosophy

Emotional and Pure


Novel „fluent“ design language and

aesthetic and flush mount integration of Caravaning systems.

Uncompromised Roominess

Living loft and separate FlexPort behind the B-pillar create unprecedented roominess and possibilities.

Pioneer in Digitization and Connectivity

Connected first - starting the digital age in the Caravaning industry.

Premium Mercedes-Benz Vehicle

Fully configured with all options, perfectly matching your standards.

Innovative Lightweight Design

50% weight reduction of interior as compared to competitors.

Vehicle weight below 3,5tons*.

Exclusive Choice of

Interior Materials

High quality haptics with structural surfaces and anti-fingerprint MOD technology.

ALPHA Living Space - soft line

  • Spacious living room conveys home feeling

  • Soft line: modern structured wooden finish combined with warm grey surfaces​​

  • Seating covers can be exclusively individualized based on your request

  • Feel yourself like home with a fantastic ceiling height of 2.10m (made possible by the extra height of the base vehicle)

Das Bild zeigt den Wohnraum des Alphavans
Das Bild zeigt den Blick von der Sitzgruppe in Richtung Bett mit geöffnetem Kühlschrank

ALPHA Kitchen

  • High quality design kitchen

  • Single cast countertop - smooth rounded edges

  • Spacious drawers, feather-light movement and premium Soft-Close technology

  • Brushed stainless steel push locks enriching the design surfaces


  • Three generous compartments in the entry area allow for easy access of frequently used items

  • Two stowing compartments with integrated LED background lighting provide high end atmosphere while realizing superb practicability

  • A comfortably large 90 liters Dometic refrigerator in a central location welcomes you

  • The countertop blends beautifully into a flush mount two-burner Thetford induction cooker

  • High-end sink armatures underline the elegance of the interior

ALPHA Seating Lounge

  • The spacious wall cupboard above the seating area repeats the design language of the Alphavan interior: single cast, smooth rounded edges

  • An additional large storage compartment has been opened up above the cockpit area: large items and devices can easily be stored and hidden here

  • All flaps impress by a flush mount design and inside rubber seals

  • Three storage compartments with LED lighting have been integrated into the side wall - beautifully designed and with plug-in capabilities where you need them: one 230V power outlet and two USB charging ports

  • All your Caravaning systems can be controlled by the front Mercedes-Benz display of the MBUX

  • Seating covers can be realized and individualized upon your request

  • All floors are leveled up in the same way


Let me entertain you.

  • Premium entertainment center with a 22’’ Alphatronics TV screen

  • Smart TV space above the refrigerator

  • Whether you would like to watch TV in the seating or in the sleeping area: the swivel-mounted screen can be moved to fit any viewing angle

  • The TV provides the possibility to stream content from the TV onto a smartphone or tablet

ALPHA Bathroom

  • Spacious and bright bathroom with outside window, style “white-pure”

  • 100% water proof

    • Single cast bathroom construction

    • Polyurethane sealed edges

    • Side window with 100% waterproof frame fittings

  • Thetford toilet with SOG ventilation system

  • Additional ceiling ventilation

  • Space saving pull-out sink

  • Extractable shower head

  • Water-protected storage bin in the upper area for showering items

  • Flush mount integrated bathroom door

  • Premium door handle with innovative magnet lock

  • Additional useful built-in closet between bathroom and sleeping area

  • Clothes rail in upper part

  • Shoe compartment in lower part

Ansicht des Badezimmers im Alphavan
Alternativ-Ansicht des Badezimmer im Alphavan von oben

ALPHA Relax Area

  • Sleeping space of 200x160cm

  • High-end mattress

  • Sophisticated ventilation concept:

    • side-windows left and right for fresh air

    • ceiling window allowing circulation and unforgettable star gazing during clear nights

  • Windows with fly screens and separate shades

  • Generous height between mattress and ceiling made possible by the extra height of the base vehicle

  • Exclusive geometric storage compartment design with integrated LED lighting, 230V power outlet and two USB charging ports

  • Two rotatable high-performance LED reading lights

  • High-quality design speakers by Blaupunkt

  • Cozy TV viewing via swivel-mounted 22’’ TV that can be viewed from any angle

  • The Relax Area is accessed via few small steps on a securely stowed aluminum ladder

ALPHA FlexPort Connection

  • The FlexPort is located below the Relax / Sleeping area and can comfortably be accessed from inside through a connecting door (120cm height)

  • The connection door is integrated in a flush mount design into the dividing wall and sealed by separate sealing rubbers
Ansicht der Heckgarage (FlexPort) des Alphavans mit einem stehenden Fahrrad

FlexPort - Das Schweizer-Messer unter den Heckgaragen.

  • Alpha FlexPort 220x170x128 cm (LxWxH)

  • Integrated chair holders in the rear doors

  • Optional integrated table stowing system

  • Rear shower appliance connected to the fresh water tank

  • Lashing system in the floor and side walls for safely securing stored equipment

  • Optional design storage bags for the side walls

  • Convenient hooks on rear doors and front wall of FlexPort

  • Seating and stowing capabilities on and inside the design round-edged floor cabinets left and right

  • Single cast closing flaps of the cabinets with integrated Soft-Close technology and warm grey design

Ansicht der Heckgarage (FlexPort) des Alphavans mit zwei stehenden Fahrrädern

ALPHA Children's Room

  • Alpha FlexPort can be designed as a cozy children’s space

  • Kids will love it

    • Separated kids area

    • Connecting door to living area and bathroom

    • Comfortable light concept using ceiling lighting strips on both sides

  • Two inside storage compartments with integrated LED lighting, 230V power outlet and four USB charging ports – the “kid’s den” is prepared for any adventure of your children

  • Even the living area lights can be controlled from the Children’s Room

  • Innovative self-supporting and comfortable folding mattress can be configured individually upon our customers’ request. Width: 170cm. Max. mattress size: 200x170cm

  • When not in use, mattress can be easily folded and stowed away on the cabinets so the complete floor spaces of the FlexPorts is continuously accessible

Ansicht des Alphavan Cockpits mit dem Navigationssystem MBUX

Pioneer in Digitization and Connectivity: Mercedes-Benz User Experience and Mercedes ME Connect

  • Alphavan is starting the digital age in the caravaing industry and is therefore equipping all vehicles with the premium Mercedes-Benz navigation system "Mercedes-Benz User Experience" (MBUX)

  • By activating the Mercedes ME Connect services you can connect to your Alphavan and make use of all advantages of digitization. For example you can:

    • ​obtain real-time traffic or weather information,

    • send interesting navigation destinations to your vehicle,

    • use Internet-in-the car (Wifi hotspot) by activating additional data packages from our mobile network partner

    • remotely get access to your Alphavan - e.g. to securely lock your doors or to check the status

  • Please donwload the free-of-charge Mercedes ME App to get the most out of this offering

  • By using the intelligent voice control in combination with the digital services you are turning the Alphavan into a Smart Home​

ALPHA Living Space - pure line

  • Spacious living room conveys home feeling

  • Pure line: soft earthy white finish combined with warm grey surfaces

  • Premium seating covers can be exclusively individualized based on your request (as seen here: dark grey with "Diamond" quilting)

  • Feel yourself like home with a fantastic ceiling height of 2.10m (made possible by the extra height of the base vehicle)

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control: Cornerstone of the Smart Home Caravan

  • Using the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) you receive a well-organized overview of all relevant caravan systems and can open up your mind for your next adventure.


  • All important electrical caravan components and systems can be comfortably controlled from a centrally mounted 10,25’’ touch screen above the entry area

    • heating, A/C, electric step tread, electric awning, grey water valve​ can be switched on / off or configured as you like

    • Relevant information from e.g. the roof mounted solar system, filling levels of grey and fresh water, battery status, etc. can be displayed

    • All lights can be controlled and dimmed

  • Besides using the centrally located touch screen, all functions can also be accessed from a smartphone app (MBAC app to be downloaded from the Apple App Store) as long as you are located in the Bluetooth range of the MBAC – so even when comfortably lying in your Relax Area or calmly sitting in front of your Alphavan

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