Our Story

Premium Insulation

All our Alphavans are insulated perfectly and absolutely gap-less in the first production step.

No matter if you are travelling at icy temperatures close to North Cape or at searing hot temperatures in Palermo: you will feel the difference of our exclusive premium gap-less insulation made in perfectly fitting CAD process.

Your van is transforming into a perfect climate van!


A piece of comfort that makes the difference for us!

Intelligent Adapter Frames

No matter if you inspect the ceiling window, the A/C system on the roof, the solar or SAT system on the roof: you will recognize that we focus and fully rely on intelligent CAD design in order to achieve mechanical perfection.

All roof components are 100% planar and lead to maximum sealing with minimal noise.

Let us convince you from our engineering excellence.

Premium Awning

Picture yourself sitting in front of your Alphavan during a warm summer night with dim comfortable light: check!

Picture yourself sitting in front of your Alphavan at night
while you still need to prepare your bike or motorbike for the next day. What you now need is bright light: check!


Picture yourself sitting in front of your Alphavan during a rainy day of your vacation and your floor in front of the
vehicle keeps dry because no waterdrop will run down the awning or the sidewall of the Alphavan: check!

Our secret is our engineering perfection: smart solutions perfectly integrated!


Sustainable Energy Concept

We understand the signs of our times and have put a lot of effort into our energy concepts: be your own power house and store the locally produced energy. 

We are equipping every Alphavan with: 

  • a 110 Wp solar cell that produces eco friendly solar power

  • a 2,300 Watts power inverter that allows you to connect all the devices you are used to at home

  • a long living 210 Ah Lithium Ion battery of a premium manufacturer


You do not need natural gas. You will be cooking your meals, cooling your drinks and cooling your spaces with solar power.


Your Alphavan will boost your sustainable Caravaning experience!

P.S.: On cold days, a Truma Combi 6D E Diesel heater will warm you up alright.