Alphavan Lines

We currently produce our Alphavan in two different lines: COMFORT and PREMIUM. Each line can individually be adapted to our customers' needs and requests.

Both lines have several features in common:

  • We only use very-well equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles because we believe that the high-end caravan needs to be equally high-end in terms of vehicle and interior.

  • The innovative furniture material “Vunder Tech” allows us to reduce weight significantly as compared to traditional caravan manufacturers while at the same time allowing us to create a completely new interior design. 

  • We only use premium caravan systems in the areas of batteries, solar panels, cooking appliance, heater, etc.

  • The configuration is already in the Alphavan Comfort Package significantly above competitor level

  • Our Alphavan manufacture relies on highest quality standards. Every process step is optimized in its smallest detail. We do everything to achieve the quality level that we promise to our customers.

Comfort Line
Premium Line